Michael Shaw

Michael is a true artist with the amazing ability to design and build 3 dimensional pieces using the tiffany style of stained glass. With over 25 years of experience in stained glass, Michael is in a class of his own. His keen sense of architecture and accomplished drawing skills have aided in the creation of his unique
body of work.

Originally starting with stained
glass windows in 1979 and
struggling to make his art
form a living, Michael worked
a few different “real jobs”
while still studying and perfect-
ing his art. In 1985 he met his
wife, Sharon, at the Pike Place
Market. She was so taken with
his art that she encouraged
him to get further into stained
glass as a full time profession.
He was immediately hired to
construct and design stained
glass windows for some of the
larger stained glass studios in
town, and worked with other artists for five years. By that time he had been accepted on the craft line at the Pike Place Market after being screened by their committee of artists. He started with an assortment of stained glass pieces and a few kaleidoscopes, but increasing demand for his unique kaleidoscopes brought about more models and selection (much to the delight of patrons from ages 5 to 95). Michael’s designs seem to bring out the child in everyone. For over 14 years, people from around the world have collected his magnificent creations.

Michael and Sharon have two sons, Casey and Devin, who both seem to have inherited his artistic abilities.

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